What do you have to do to complete the Certificate of Intercultural Competence?

Intercultural Competence is gained through many components and will enrich your life. There are numerous possibilities to further educate yourself interculturally and to make your life more international.

To complete the Certificate of Intercultural Competence you have to earn 100 certificate credits. The certificate consist of three key parts. The following diagram depicts the main components including the according options and the minimum number of credits needed to complete each part.

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Intercultural Awareness is the key element of the certificate and is gained through the successful participation in an intercultural training as well as the lecture „The Self and the Other“.  By attending courses in English in your field of specialty or specialty courses in German with international focus, you can collect certificate credits for the Academic Component.

The third main component concentrates on International & Ambassador Experience. You can either get your stay abroad certified or if you prefer to be internationally committed from your home base, you can e.g. get your experience as a tutor to international students or working for an international organization or event certified.

Please find a detailed overview of the possible certificate components and the according certificate credits below: