BIML 2023 - International Workshop “Bioinformatic meets Machine Learning”


organized by the

Saxon Institute for Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning (SICIM)

and the

Institut für Computational Intelligence und intelligente Datenanalyse e.V. (CIID)

7th & 8th December 2023

The 7th BIML-Workshop will bring together biologists, computer scientists and mathematicians to discuss recent developments in machine learning for bioinformatics applications. A major focus will be on interpretable models and ways to derive domain knowledge from them when applied to bioinformatics applications. The workshop will be hybrid.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Please send an email with your title and abstract to kaden1@hs-mittweida  by 17th November 2023. 

The schedule you can find  here

If you want to participate online, please sent an Email to  kaden1@hs-mittweida.