Service Centre of the University

The Institute for Competence, communication and sports (IKKS) is a central academic institution at Mittweida University according to Article 92 of Saxony’s Higher Education Act. It combines key services for university students and staff, committed to the goals of interdisciplinary education and skills training (“Studium Generale”), equal opportunities, health, family-friendliness and social inclusion (“Social Services”) as well as sports (University Sports and top athletes).

Range of services for students and staff

  1. Studium Generale and language course programme
  2. consolidating key skills and intercultural competencies
  3. offering sports activities
  4. supporting top athletes and coordinating of university cooperations with sportsinstitutions
  5. research and transfer in the areas of sports, health maintenance and intercultural competence
  6. promotion of family friendliness, social inclusion and equal opportunities at Mittweida University
  7. supporting development processes within the university

Structure and areas of competence

To facilitate the implementation of its plans and goals, the IKKS is divided into two areas of competence which are respectively headed and accounted for by two Academic Directors.