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Welcome to institute Centre of innovative process planning and ergonimics

The institute InnArbeit - Center for innovative process planning and ergonomics conducts research in these areas:

  • process planning
  • industrial engineering
  • ergonomics, knowledge management.

Founded in 2003, InnArbeit is part of the Faculty of Engineering,

The institute is managed by the Professorship of manufacturing Informatics, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Leif Goldhahn. Modern laboratories are available for research work, primarily in House 30 - Lutherstrasse 1a.

The institute supports teaching in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering / automation and industrial engineering.

The VR projection screen can be seen in the middle of the picture, on which the model "radial engine" is depicted, the lecturer is standing in front of it, and students on the front and right of the picture
Laboratory Virtual-Reality