Dialog Kontrovers Extra: "Africa’s Young Future"

"Turning potential into perspectives"

Africa is a young continent - not with regard to its history, but rather, in terms of demographic composition. In 2020 approximately half of the population of Africa was younger than twenty years old, compared to about 21 percent in Europe (UN World Population Prospects, 2019). The challenge for African nations, but also for a mutually beneficial African-European partnership, will consist of improving prospects for young generations of Africans and Europeans. Those prospects include the economy (opportunities for gainful employment), the political system (robust democracies with opportunities for participation, especially for women), and individual identity formation processes. The urgency of the situation is intensified by the effects of climate change, health crises (HIV, malaria, etc.) and current migration movements. If the African nations are successful in improving prospects for their youth, Europe and Africa will both benefit.
We have invited expert guests to discuss these and other related issues.


Dr. Hedwig Ngwa
Government High School, Great Soppo Buea
and University of Buea, Kamerun

Dr. Gabin Ananou
German Aerospace Center

Prof. Dr. Andreas Wrobel-Leipold
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida

Nessma Adil Yousif
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida


PD Dr. Gunter Süß
Institute of Competence, Communication & Languages
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida